How Long Does It Take to Cook a Raccoon? (Grab Yer Bib, Y’all!)

BBQ Raccoon

When you’re lookin’ to cook raccoon, it’s essential to remember that this unique delicacy demands patience. This isn’t your average backyard BBQ fare! Typically, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, all contingent upon the raccoon’s size and age. Think of it like preparing a pot roast; you’ll aim for low and slow to render that meat as tender as a lullaby. Using an oven set to a gentle 300°F and giving … Read more

Granny’s Possum Stew Recipe (So Yummy!)

Granny's Possum Stew Recipe

Now I know you think that a possum stew recipe may be yuck, but guess what, it’s actually very tasty!  These days, folks don’t know how to survive.  This is a common fact!  But back in the day, the old timers knew how to survive, especially during the great depression and other times of hardship! When you are hungry (or near starving), you will eat just about anything!  From Possum to racoon, Rattlesnake to Horsemeat.  … Read more