Help.. I Have Cockroaches In My Worm Farm! 3 Ways To Stop This (One Method Is PERMANENT!)

Help! I have cockroaches in my worm farm!  If you have a worm farm, and have encountered this problem, then help is here!  Cockroaches can sometimes be a pesky problem that annoys most people.

When cockroaches get in your worm farm, this can truly cause some serious problems!  Although cockroaches won’t harm your worms, it can become a nuisance when you open your bin, only be startled as the lil critters run out.

Cockroaches love food, your worms love food.  Since you are adding food waste to feed your worms, of course this waste will naturally attract cockroaches.  If you consider a few key points for a moment, you will find your “battle of the cockroaches” to be an easier battle to fight.


How Do I Get Rid Of The Cockroaches In My Worm Farm?

Sprinkle a bit of  diatomaceous earth on top of your worm farm.  This will help prevent cockroaches and other pests from getting in your worm farm.  Be sure to use food grade diatomaceous earth, as this is the safest to use around worms.  It is also safe to have around children and pets.

What Is The Best Way To Control Cockroaches In My Worm Farm?

Cockroaches are attracted to wet conditions, and food waste.  Since both of these can be found in worm bins, it can be a bit complex keeping your worm farm free of pests.
There are other things you can do besides using diatomaceous earth to rid your worm farm of this problem.

Do Not Allow Your Worm Farm To Get Too Wet

Worm Farm

Since cockroaches love a wet environment, you should keep your worm bin fairly dry.   You do not want it so wet as to attract pests, yet you also do not want it so dry that it would kill your worms.


If you find cockroaches in your worm farm, then the first thing you should test is the moisture in your soil.  You can add some cardboard or newspaper to absorb some of the moisture.  Leave the cardboard or newspaper in your worm farm, and your worms will eventually consume it.


Bury All Food Waste

If you are tossing your food waste into your worm bin, without burying it, then this can cause a serious problem.  You should always bury your food waste, to prevent not only a cockroach infestation, but also to prevent maggots.


If maggots get in your worm farm, they will start consuming your worms which can lead to the ultimate destruction of your worm farm.


Put A Lid On It

This did not get rid of the cockroaches in my worm farm!   If you are saying this, then the easiest, and most permanent way to rid your worm bin of cockroaches, is to seal your worm bin.  Most professional worm bins have small screens to allow airflow for your worms, so putting a lid over it will not harm you little critters.


Yet a lid will help to prevent cockroaches from entering your worm bin.  If some are already in your bin, and if you are burying your food waste, then they will die off.  Worms will also consume dead cockroaches, so you can leave any carcasses in the worm bin to be devoured by the worms.


Maintaining a worm farm is not very hard to do.  If you find yourself running into problems maintaining your worm farm, feel free to come here for help!  Simply ask your question in the comments section below, and I will provide an answer quickly!

It’s great to have you visit Grandmaws, be sure to come back again!

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