What is the Best HOMEMADE Fertilizer for Tomatoes? (It’s all Organic)

Do you wish to make a homemade fertilizer for tomatoes? If so, look no further, I’ve got you covered.

Tomatoes are one of the best foods to eat and can be used in so many tasty and wonderful ways.  They are one of the most popular plants to grow and one the most delightful plants to harvest from!

Tomatoes make for a very hardy plant and can survive in some of the harshest conditions.  All they need is fertile soil, lots of sunlight and plenty of water to produce a harvest fir for a king.

These Are The Best Organic Homemade Fertilizers For Tomatoes

The best homemade fertilizer for tomatoes, of course, should be organic. Compost, worm tea and Epsom salt all make for a mighty fine fertilizer.  When one adds fish emulsion and coffee grounds, then gigantic and tasty tomatoes are sure to abound!  Vegetarian animal manure (horses, cattle, goats but never chickens) is also dandy when used properly.

Composting Your Food Scraps Makes A Great Homemade Fertilizer For Tomatoes

Composting is nothing new, people have been doing this for centuries.  It’s a truly organic method that one can utilize to not only fertilize their tomatoes but to also provide rich organic soil for planting.

It does not take much to start a compost pile, one can even start composting in their kitchen.  Once you have accumulated some compost, you simply mix a 1:3 ratio (1 part compost with 3 parts soil) for planting your tomatoes.

Once you have planted your plants, you can sprinkle compost around the base of the plant.  When it rains, the water will leech the nutrients of the compost, into the soil.  This will provide valuable nutrients and beneficial microbes.

Worm Tea Is The Best Liquid For Watering Your Plants

Worm tea is not that hard to make, but you will of course need a worm farm.  You can start a small worm farm in your kitchen or garage.  Or you can build a much larger worm farm outdoors.

As with your compost, your worm farm will thrive when you feed your worms any scraps of food that you have left over from a meal.

To make worm tea, you simply gather the liquid waste that drains from your worm bin.  Dilute this waste by mixing 1 part of waste with 2 parts of water.  This will make for a light brown tea that you can use to water your plants.

If you do not have any liquid waste, you can toss 4 cups of worm castings into a 5-gallon bucket.  Fill this bucket with water, and allow it to sit overnight.  The water will take on a shade of brown, which is why it’s called “worm tea”.  Do not drink this tea, this tasty beverage is for plants only!

Epsom Salt Provides Magnesium…. A Necessary Nutrient!

Epsom Salt Homemade Fertilizer For Tomatoes
Epsom salt makes a great organic homemade fertilizer for tomatoes.

If you want stronger plants,l more blooms and a lot more fruit production, then you will need to feed your tomato plants lots of magnesium.

Epsom salt provides this nutrient, and it too is 100% organic.   Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral salt, that is harvested from the earth.

When using Epsom salt as a fertilizer, you must take great care as it can cause root damage.  You should mix 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt, in 1/4 gallon of water.  Place this mixture in a spray bottle, and mist lightly on the tomato foliage (leaves).

Do this every two weeks, but not when the sun is hottest nor when rain is imminent.  The best time would be at nightfall so that the solution can absorb into the plant throughout the night.

Fish Emulsion Helps To Prevent Blossom End Rot & Is Full Of Healthy Nutrients

Fish emulsion has been used as fertilizer since the beginning of creation.  American Indians taught this method to settlers, as a means of growing healthy and plentiful corn.  The Indians showed the settlers how to bury fish to use it as a fertilizer, which in turn produced a bountiful harvest.

Fish emulsion is also great for tomatoes, not just corn.  It is rich in phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen which are all essential for growing healthy and bountiful tomatoes.

This fertilizer can be made at home and produces results faster than any other fertilizer available today.  Whereas compost leeches nutrients into the soil slowly, fish emulsion transfers nutrients much quicker.

Serve Up Some Coffee As Homemade Fertilizer For Tomatoes

Don’t toss out your coffee grounds, instead feed them to your tomato plants.  Coffee grounds are considered to be a green waste. They can be used to not only enrich your soil but also provide nutrients that are vital for your plants.

When sprinkled around your plants, they will leech vital nutrients into the soil whenever your plants are watered.

Since tomatoes love acid, coffee grounds are the best soil enricher to use for fertilizing your plants.

Natures Poop Provides A Bountiful Harvest Indeed

Vegetarian Animal Manure
Goats provide organic vegetarian manure as a homemade fertilizer for tomatoes.

Last but not least, let’s talk about manure.  Vegetarian animal manures are some of the best organic, homemade fertilizers for tomatoes.

What I mean by vegetarian animal manures is that the animal must eat only plants such as hay and grass.  Cattle, horses, rabbits and goats all eat grass, hay, branches, and leaves.  All of these products are eliminated vegetarian manure that is safe to use on plants.

You would never want to use manure from animals that eat meat, such as cats or dogs, as this would be very harmful to your plants.

Chicken manure is another that you will wish to avoid, as it can burn and damage your plants, to the point of killing them.

The best way to use manure as homemade fertilizer for tomatoes would be to mix the manure with soil at a 1:5 ratio.   1 part manure to 5 parts soil.  Once mixed, it can then be scattered around your plants so that the vital nutrients can leech into the soil when the plants are watered.

You can of course also mix up a brew like one does worm tea.  1 cup of manure in a five-gallon bucket, filled with water, will make for a refreshing beverage to water your tomatoes plants with.

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