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Please understand that although we live in an “Let’s get things instantly” world these days, and although the internet stays online 24-7 thus this website is also online 24-7, this website is run by a human (me) and I do actually eat and sleep (unlike computers) and I do have a life of my own.

I live in the United States Of America, so my time zone may also be completely different than yours. If you have daylight right now, I may be fast asleep!

Please understand this when you submit your email, because you will NOT be getting an instant reply.

I respond to inquiries on a first come, first serve basis so I’m certain that if I am awake right now, I am answering emails that were sent before yours. That’s just how I do things !!

I also do not check emails outside of business hours. Meaning, Monday through Friday, 8 to 4, which is my normal hours of operations.

I reply to all inquires within 3 business days. This means that I respond on days that I am actually working.

I do not reply on weekends, Holidays, or on those days where local weather has things in a turmoil where the businesses have closed due to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, whatever act of nature may make it impossible for me to work on that day.

If you have not received a reply within 3 business days, please check your spam folder.

Your internet service provider, or your email service provider may have deemed your reply as something that they feel is not deserving of your attention, and so the provider probably filed it in your spam folder (aka TRASHCAN), so you should check it before you attempt to contact me again because I have ZERO control over the services you use to receive emails.