How Long Does It Take to Cook a Raccoon? (Grab Yer Bib, Y’all!)

BBQ Raccoon

When you’re lookin’ to cook raccoon, it’s essential to remember that this unique delicacy demands patience. This isn’t your average backyard BBQ fare! Typically, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, all contingent upon the raccoon’s size and age. Think of it like preparing a pot roast; you’ll aim for low and slow to render that meat as tender as a lullaby. Using an oven set to a gentle 300°F and giving … Read more

The Best Beef Bone Broth Recipe (GREAT For Soup, Stews & Flavor!)

Beef Broth Bone Recipe

The best beef bone broth recipe is one that requires slow cooking for several hours.  When you simmer the bones for hours, using low heat, then you are able to bring out the best flavor from the marrow in the bones. One should also use ingredients of the highest quality.   Be sure there are no bruises, nor cuts with grime in them, no brown spots and be sure they are tender and young.   Sometimes when … Read more

Vegetable Garbage Soup Recipe ~ 2 No Fail Tips! (GREAT Every Time!)

Vegetable Garbage Soup Recipe

This vegetable garbage soup recipe is something that can be made if you are on an extreme budget.  This recipe does not have a set list of specific ingredients. It is made using leftovers that one would normally throw in the garbage.   Thus it’s name. Practically everyone has leftovers when cooking a dinner.  Sometimes the amount of leftovers is so small, that one would just toss them in the trash instead of storing them in … Read more

What Kind Of Food Is Good For A Family Reunion? Top 3 (Make Bubba SMILE!)

A family reunion can be fun, festive and exciting event.  Especially if you have relatives visiting that you have not seen in years!    One of the grandest things about attending a reunion, is the FOOD!  There will be so many delicious dishes of tasty, yummy food to be shared. Down here in the south, women from all over take great pride in the dishes that they cook.  It’s as if every compliment for a … Read more

Honey BBQ Wings Recipe That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Honey BBQ Wings Recipe

If you have never tried thrice cooked BBQ wings, then this honey BBQ wings recipe is going to knock your socks off! It combines 3 cooking methods, to create a fabulous tasting appetizer that will literally wow anyone who tries it! The steps are not that complex, but you will need to follow them exactly in order.  If you don’t, then your wings will  not have that crispy, crunchy crust that makes them so great!  … Read more

Any Fruit Cobbler Recipe That Is Super Easy To Make Using Fresh Or Canned Fruit

Easy Canned Peach Cobbler Recipe

This easy any fruit cobbler recipe is a true southern favorite.  Nothing beats a buttery fruit cobbler when you are entertaining down in the south!  It can be made with any kind of fruit, regardless of it it’s fresh or canned. You only need a few simple ingredients to make this recipe.  Some people call this the cuppa cobbler, because it uses just one cup of each ingredient which makes it a recipe that is … Read more

Lil Smokies Recipe With Grape Jelly ~ Dagnum Delicious!

Lil Smokies Recipe With Grape Jelly

We sure love to cook down here in the south! This lil smokies recipe withy grape jelly is an all time southern favorite. It is regularly served at weddings, family reunions, BBQs, birthday parties, baby showers, tailgate parties HECK it’s one of the souths best appetizer recipes ever! We love it so much that we even sometimes serve it with eggs and toast for breakfast! This Lil Smokies Recipe With Grape Jelly Is So Easy … Read more