Are possums good or bad in the yard?

This is a Possum

So, are possums good or bad for the yard? Well, that’s like askin’ if Grandma’s secret hot sauce is good or bad—it depends on how much you can handle! These fellas have their ups and downs, but one thing’s for sure: they sure do make yard-watchin’ a whole lot more entertainin’. Whether you’re pro-possum or no-possum, just remember to enjoy the little surprises nature throws our way. Before we decide if these guys are heroes … Read more

Gobble, Gobble, Boom! A Redneck’s Guide to Turkey Hunting”

Turkey Hunting

Hey there, all y’all wild turkey whisperers and shotgun slingers! If your idea of a good time involves lurkin’ in the woods, talkin’ turkey, and blastin’ some birds (all while donning your finest camo, of course), then you’re in the right spot. Sit a spell and let’s dive deep into the world of turkey hunting, redneck style! Hold onto your trucker hats and tighten them overalls! If the thought of wakin’ up before the rooster, … Read more