Can Rotten Food Be Composted? 3 Reasons Why (And One AMAZING Trick!)

If you are asking “Can Rotten Food Be Composted?” then I have just the answer for you!  Any form of plant matter can be composted into rich organic soil, rather easily, by pretty much anyone.

Rotten food is actually one of the best plant matters to compose, and the reasons why are listed below. 

The main one being, is that it speeds up the composting process rather well!

Can Rotten Food Be Composted?

Yes, rotten food can be composted.  Because it’s already starting to rot, it will speed up the composting process in your compost bin.  The initial stages of the decomposing process has already started.   The bacteria residing in the rotten food can now be beneficial towards speeding up the decomposing of additional material that has been placed in the compost bin.

3 Reasons Why You Will Want To Compost Rotten Food Instead Of Trash It…

Healthy Flowers Growing In Compost Soil

There are many benefits for maintaining a compost bin, pile or pit.  If you have already started composting, then congratulations!  You are doing something to not only help save the environment, but also something to help improve the environment!

If you have not started composting yet, then be sure to review other articles shared here.  They not only will guide you with starting your composting process, but also provide tips, tricks and other helpful information.  Information such as things you can do with all of the rich, organic soil you gain from your efforts!

But the main reasons why you would want to compost rotten food are…..

It Will help Your Compost Pile Heat Up And Break Down Faster

Because the food is already starting to decompose, it’s already got a plethora of healthy bacteria working to convert the matter into rich organic soil.  This bacteria will not only help speed up the composting process for the food that is already rotted, but also for any fresh matter you add to your compost bin at a later date.

This bacteria will also help your pile heat up better, which also results in speeding up the composting process.

From Rotten To Really Fantastic!

Who would have thought that rotten food could be liquid gold?  If you have ever seen the TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies” then you can see that oil from the ground was called “black gold”.

Indoor Herb Garden Using Compost

Well, I have news for you, your rotten food is also something that can be considered black gold once it has been converted into rich, organic soil!  And this black gold, although it may not make you rich, it will make you richer in many different ways!

There are so many benefits to having rich organic soil.  I mean look at most gardening centers!  Large corporations sell rich black soil by the truckloads!  This soil is in high demand, by many people, for many different reasons!

I won’t go into detail about the many ways to use your soil, that is shared in another article.  But you would do well to start composting your own soil, even if on a small scale.  The soil you produce, can always be used to start a fabulously tasty indoor herb garden!  Imagine fresh herbs that are so healthy, so large, and so delicious that just the taste of them will make your mouth holler!

You Can Make Some Amazing Liquid Fertilizer

If composting is something you do not wish to do, then you can still make use of the rotten food by making liquid fertilizer that can be used to water your houseplants or outdoor flowers.

Liquid fertilizer is very rich in many minerals to help your plants grow into larger, healthier and tastier plants.

Liquid fertilizer is very easy to make, you simply cut up your rotten food, place it in a plastic bucket, add water (1 part rotted food to 3 parts water).  Place a lose lid on top of the bucket (be sure it stays lose or the pressure could build up and cause an explosion).  Let this site in your yard for 1 to 2 weeks.

After it has sat for a bit, and rotted down pretty well, you can then strain the liquid using a mesh strainer.  Bury the solid matter that remains in the strainer, in a location that is convenient for you.  Use the liquid to water your indoor plants or outside garden.

This Amazing Trick Will Help You Speed Up The Composting Process!

If you want to attempt making liquid fertilizer, then follow these steps to make it fast!

You will not need to worry about having your fertilizer sit outdoors, as you wait for the rotting process to complete.

Simply cut up the rotten food, and place it in a blender.  Add water to the blender, and puree the mixture as if you are making a smoothie.

Be sure to add 1 part rotting food to 3 parts water.  Strain the mix through cheesecloth, to separate the liquid from the solid matter.

You can bury the solid matter, or add it to your compost pile.  Use the liquid to fertilize your plants.

There are many other things you can do to help the environment, why don’t we talk about it??  Leave a comment below if you have any questions, and I will be sure to respond!  It’ll be great getting to know you!

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