Can Rotten Food Be Composted? 3 Reasons Why (And One AMAZING Trick!)

Can Rotten Food Be Composted

If you are asking “Can Rotten Food Be Composted?” then I have just the answer for you!  Any form of plant matter can be composted into rich organic soil, rather easily, by pretty much anyone. Rotten food is actually one of the best plant matters to compose, and the reasons why are listed below.  The main one being, is that it speeds up the composting process rather well! Can Rotten Food Be Composted? Yes, rotten … Read more

What Is Home Composting & Why Should I Care? (SURPRISING Answer!)

What Is Home Composting

If you have ever asked yourself What is Home Composting, then here’s an answer you will truly love!  You see, home composting is a wonderful way to do your part, to help save the environment. We all have plant based waste materials, rather it’s leaves in our yards or cut end pieces from fruits and vegetables.  Things like banana peels, apple cores, pepper stems and the outer layers of opinions are all considered plant based … Read more

Cutting Up Food Scraps For Compost – 2 Quick Methods (One GREAT Tip!)

Using Food Scraps For Compost

Cutting up food scraps for compost is something every household should do. Not only is this a great way to recycle food scraps, but it is also great for the environment! Here are 2 quick methods and one GREAT tip to help get you started today.  Even if you live in a small apartment, you can still start a compost bin! Why Is Cutting Up Food Scraps For Compost Beneficial? Cutting up food scraps for … Read more